An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

When it comes to your health, it's worth a lot more: years of life, sure, but years of high-quality life, productive years and time spent at home with family and not in hospital.

We believe in THAT kind of healthcare. The one that focuses on keeping you out of hospital. We focus on the things most likely to harm you over the years: stroke prevention, heart attack prevention, fracture prevention and so on. Our services cover a variety of systems. We provide an all-around service to anybody which includes access to nurses, doctors, nutritionists and exercise specialists. And it's FREE*.

* When covered by RAMQ public health insurance.

Doctors - consults can be sent at the touch of a button directly via the MedMo app.

Our Treatment Services


Efficient, cost-effective and compassionate health care system

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is an attempt to re-imagine a more efficient, cost-effective and compassionate health care system. At the present time our system is not set up as a health care system, but rather as a sick care system - patients receive the most care at the time of illness, and millions of dollars are spent taking care of them after they have become ill, rather than being focused on prevention, longevity and keep people well in their own homes.

Our solution to this perfect storm of an aging population, rising healthcare costs and a decaying system facing cuts is Cliniques Preventia Clinics - intelligently-built, technology-driven preventative medicine clinics run by compassionate nurses and overseen and designed by experienced and caring physicians.

We work in tandem with your family doctors to bring cutting-edge, evidence-based preventive medicine to as many people as possible, freeing up the family physicians to do just that - caring for the family - and by investing in the treatments we know will bring fewer patients to the door of the emergency room, and instead will keep them well, at home.

Our Staff

We are doctors, nurses, nutritionists, adminstrative staff and exercise specialists with one goal at heart - to make you as healthyand well as long as possible!


Experienced and compassionate healthcare professional

Meet our team of dedicated healthcare professionals

Our Clinic Staff

  • Dr. Marc-André Allard

  • Dr. Adam Hofmann

  • Dr. Émile Saliba

  • Dr. Vincent Bouchard-Déchêne

  • Dr. Louis-Philippe David

  • Dr. Ahmad El Outari

  • Dr. Frantz Perpignan

  • Dr. K. Esfahani

  • Dr. A. Bastiany

  • Dr. J. A. Tremblay

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Tel.: (450) 504-0660
Fax: (450) 504-1735


50 rue de Saint-Faustin
St-Jérôme, Québec
J7Z 2P3

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